​​     I have a bachelor’s degree in Arts from Florida International University. In addition, I have worked as a math tutor and instructor in Miami Dade College which provided experience with people, in return the students gave me a good review in Rate My Professor. I am currently employed by Dade County Public Schools for about 10 years. I work as a Hypnotherapist part time.


Hypnotherapy Training:

               There is a big satisfaction that is felt, when you see a client's face change from sadness to a huge smile

       I have attended 500 hours of training from The Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy. I have acquired certification on clinical and transpersonal hypnotherapy. The training included NLP, Breathwork, Parts Therapy, Gestalt, Rapport Building Skills, Hypnosis and many other modalities. The training also included having to practice on others countless of hours. Additionally, I have read books from Brian Wise like “Many Lives, Many Master’s”, Dave Elman “Hypnotherapy”, Mathew Brownstein “Interpersonal Hypnotherapy” and many others. 

Born and raised in New York City. Moved to Florida at the age of 26 with my wife and three sons, looking for warmer weather. During this time, I decided to begin my College Education. After a few years of working full time at my job and school. I received my Bachelors in Arts. 

About me: